Chen Ying Jun

Master Chen Yingjun

Another wonderful master from the Chen family will also visit in November – someone I have trained with whenever I could and very well worth working with is Master Chen Yingjun – son of Grandmaster Chen Xaiowang.

Chen Yingjun has visited the UK regularly for many years and has workshops at a number of venues including Oxford and Reading.

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I could only manage a day with Master Chen Ying Jun at his recent seminars in the Reading area – but it was a very full day – both interesting and enjoyable. Thank you to Steve, Vickie and Phil for organising this.

This type of seminar – with a master of his skill, and working with other students of various abilities – always serves as a reference point and an inspiration for my own training – both on my own and with my teacher Karel Koskuba. Such sessions also reconfirm that to be a good teacher it is necessary to continuously improve one’s own Tai Chi.

Immediately I remember the corrections, low stances and very practical approach of Chen Ying Jun – but I suspect that longer term much more subtle transmissions have been absorbed and I look forward to finding out what they were in my training until his next visit.

We are fortunate that in addition to regular visits by Grand Master Chen Xiaowang we also now have seminars in the UK with Master Chen Ying Jun and Master Chen Bing.

Please see links for details:

Chen Ying Jun – Reading – October 2014

Chen Xiaowang – London – November 2014

Chen Bing – Chichester and Oxford – November 2014


Very soon now we have our own seminar – Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation with Alexander Technique – at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living this Sunday – we still have a few places left and Judy Hammond and I are really looking forward to working with everybody. Please contact the Centre to book your place.

My own teachers Karel and Eva Koskuba have the following:

Chen style Pushing Hands Patterns – Sunday 27 October 2013 with Karel – Learning and improving pushing hands patterns with the  emphasis on using correct Alignment, Rooting, Listening, Sticking Following and Neutralising. When:  10:30 to 17:30 Where: Swallowfield LF  Fee: £55 or £50 for CIAA members

Chen Taiji Double-Fan with Eva – Weekend 2/3 November and 23 November 2013 This seminar will give students an opportunity to learn the whole Chen Taiji Double-Fan form. When:  10:30 – 16:30 on 2/3 November 10:30 – 13:30 on 23 November Where: Swallowfield LF  Fee:  £120 or £100 for CIAA members

Joint Manipulation (Qinna) – Sunday 17 November 2013 with Karel • principles of joint locks • control of the opponent’s body and movement by controlling their joints • how joint locks can be countered/neutralised  When:  10:30 to 17:30 on 17 November. Where: Swallowfield LF  Cost: £55 or £50 for CIAA members.

Please see their website for contact details.

I have also noticed that Master Chen Ying Jun is in the Reading/Wokingham area in mid November – see Berkshire Tai Chi for details – and Master Chen Bing is in Oxford in mid December – see Oxford Tai Chi for details.

All are well worth attending – I am having trouble rationing myself  – such a wealth of opportunity!