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Now that we are allowed to meet as groups of six people I am opening up a couple of free sessions a week at the STMA in Shefford for all existing students of Shefford and Letchworth classes.

These free sessions will be on Sunday at 11.00 am and Thursday at 9.00 am  each week – participant numbers will be self regulating according to Covid guidelines on the day. Please take care of yourselves by considering your sun exposure, need for fluids etc.

There will be no session on Thurs 11 June

I really look forward to seeing you on the park area adjacent to the STMA – there is plenty of parking by the hall.

I am deriving great benefit from my own personal practice in my garden – and am missing my usual students – what can I say Tai Chi is paradoxical!

Now I know that Zoom is all the rage for classes at the moment but while it clearly helps beginners with motivation and engagement – I am not keen for a variety of reasons. I have always taken the view that I would like to encourage those committed students in their regular practice and have set up the high level of discount on 10 week packages in order to do exactly that.

Consequently I would now like to offer my existing students only – from any of my classes – discretionary and free one-to-one video consultations – just contact me to arrange a video call.

You know who you are so I look forward to hearing from you on 07860 218334 or by e-mail

All the best


Online practice


Hi – if you are not able to join us at the Diggswell Park/STMA practice then you may be interested in our online resources – please see here for loosening exercises plus of course any that you remember from more recent classes. Also see here for the first part of the form – obviously if you know more then please practice what you can remember.

You could also take a look at Chen Bing here

or look at Chen Xaowang here

or see Chen Yu here



Now all the halls are closed I am going to give it a try with some personal outdoor training, weather permitting – if you would like to join me there will be no charge and you will be welcome on your own responsibility – which includes “social distancing”.

There are a couple of possible areas at Diggswell Park which is the large grass park adjacent to the STMA in Shefford – one is next to the picnic tables which is convenient and another  a bit more remote/secluded –  if you look from the car park to the left across the field on the left is the picnic area and beyond is a line of trees – at the end is another nice spot.

I will be there on Sunday at 3.00pm and again on Monday at 2.30pm probably for an hour each time – although if I feel like it I may stay longer – or leave earlier if the weather determines! I am thinking of wearing layers and taking a flask for myself as it may well be cold.

I will just be doing usual exercises and form, much as I have experienced in the parks of China.

Classes cancelled – would anybody like an outdoor class instead?

20 March 2020

Unfortunately indoor venues are now closed – all are concerned quite rightly about their duty of care. I am therefore considering the possibility of running one or two outdoor classes – weather permitting of course – maybe adjacent to the Shefford STMA where there is a quiet area which I have used in the past. […]

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Shefford Tai Chi

17 December 2019
Thumbnail image for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Shefford Tai Chi

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Sunday class cancelled Dec 15

2 December 2019

The beginners and senior classes on Sunday Dec 15 will be cancelled. Share the post “Sunday class cancelled Dec 15” FacebookTwitterLinkedInE-mail

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Tai Chi – martial arts culture for beginners – some issues raised for students and teachers as observed from personal experience

11 November 2019
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It is my hope that the following will help “first timers” better understand and enjoy their early Tai Chi classes since I frequently come across beginners who attend Tai Chi sessions with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of what it is or how classes work – and it seems that this sometimes can lead to […]

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Important updates

30 April 2019

Please note there will be no classes on the forthcoming Bank Holiday Mondays May 6 and 27 Students wishing to train with my teacher Karel on May 14 should contact me to arrange payment and car share if needed. Share the post “Important updates” FacebookTwitterLinkedInE-mail

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Tai Chi at The Swiss Garden Shuttleworth – Greensand Festival May 2019

26 February 2019

I am delighted to be participating in this Swiss Garden event with a Tai Chi class on Friday 10 May for all ages and levels of interest – the location is truly lovely, a classic garden environment wholly supportive of some gentle Tai Chi practice. This May, the Swiss Garden will be hosting six wonderful […]

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