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Ian with Shefford Tai Chi group on a workshop

We have been going to Belsey Bridge Conference Centre for many years and always have a good time – this year was exceptional, I guess due to the lovely mix of people who attended.

The program was based on “how to do” and becoming aware of internal feelings. This involved about 18 hours of actual training with a good measure of discussion on top. Given that this was the first Tai Chi workshop for most people the level of enthusiasm and staying power was notable – with even those who had previously chosen to do only the introductory section now deciding to learn the whole Laojia form.

The food was great ” like the best ever school meals!” and the company fun. The best Tai Chi school meals!

Everyone agreed they had learned a lot – perhaps more than they imagined possible – and now appreciated a great deal more than before – on a personal note I learned a lot as well.

Training was focused on Laojia form repetitions and corrections plus partner work leading to single push hands – again a first for many but enjoyed by all.

An experience we hope to repeat next year.

Residential program


Our residential program this year will take as it’s theme ” Don’t just do the exercise – feel and think about the movement in your body.”

The program has the following points for students to consider:

History and fore runners

Shaolin, Bodidhama, Buddhism, Yoga, Chi Kung, Chin na, traditional Chinese medicine, theories of 5 elements, theory of Chi and meridians, Taoism, Power vs Yielding,

Sensing the feeling of movement

The place of weapons

Identifying: Relax, Move from the centre, All moves at once,

Mapping the space – partner work

Links to other approaches – Chi kung, Yoga, Pilates, Karate, various Kung Fu eg Shaolin, meditation, Taoism, Yiquan,

Very slow practice, fast and loose practice, standing, creating your own exercises,

Large movement, small movement,

Making and feeling connection

The place of meditation


Theory of martial arts – what are we seeking to achieve?

Structure, balance, fluidity,

The place of fighting, studying conflict, balancing forces, Tai chi in daily life, the path of martial arts – combative, healing, wisdom/understanding.

To those who are coming – I look forward to seeing you there – if you are not joining us then maybe the notes will give you something useful to think about.

All the best in your practice.

Ian Deavin performs chen style Laojia formI will be running a workshop at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on Sunday 28 July, 9.30 for 10.00-13.00.

Tai Chi practitioners often describe the feeling of moving their bodies as magical, and the experience of long term Tai Chi practice can certainly be described as developmental. My workshop will introduce beginners to the simple ideas underlying this popular but little understood art. Longer term practitioners can expect to be helped on their path and perhaps achieve further insights on their own developmental journey.


Cost: £35 includes refreshments
Book your place
or contact Pat James at the Letchworth Centre, 01462 678804, pat@letchworthcentre.org

Push hands at Belsey Bridge  Tai Chi workshop

A Tai Chi residential seminar weekend from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon – an opportunity to learn, explore and develop your Tai Chi in a quiet relaxed atmosphere.

Classes in Chen Laojia form, Broadsword form, Chi Kung,  Tai Chi exercises – silk reeling, Partner work and Push Hands. Open to existing students plus anyone with previous experience of Tai Chi. Class restricted to 12 people.
Venue: Belsey Bridge, Ditchingham, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 2DZ
Cost: £290 (en-suite)
Payment at time of booking. 
Late booking fee of £30 after 1st August
Includes tuition with full board

To book call Ian Deavin on 01462 621970



Tai Chi Residential Weekend 9th – 11th September 2016

12 January 2016
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Our residential weekend in 2016 will again be at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre this year it will run from Friday afternoon 9th Sept through to Sunday afternoon 11th Sept and provide a wonderful opportunity to learn, explore and develop your Tai Chi in a quiet relaxed atmosphere.   Activities will include classes in Chen Laojia […]

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