Some interesting videos I found while browsing the other day on Youtube – do persist with the long ones – they are worth it.

And good luck with your own practice.


This has been an excellent time to explore Tai Chi on a personal basis – to spend time on individual practice looking deeper into the exercises and the form, so I am delighted that many people have been following the exercises and the form on my Alternative Health Exercises website – if you haven’t found it yet then check it out here – it’s free and includes lots of short exercise sessions as well as a demo of the first 15 postures that you can follow along with.

I have also been working with a couple of senior students doing one to one video coaching, again for free – and would be pleased to do the same with other existing students at whatever level.

On the health front I recently watched a program on NHK World TV which was showing an exercise developed by a Japanese doctor. These repetitive slow squats done for 20 mins twice a week were shown to burn blood sugar and body fat – to the point that they were effective in controlling diabetes and aiding weight loss. These exercises are very similar to Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Video clapper board

I recently created a new website as a response to student complaints over many years that “I can’t remember the exercises when I get home and am scared to practice between classes because I don’t want to get them wrong.”

It presents videos of Tai Chi inspired exercises – videos created as demonstrations and visual reminders which can be followed to encourage regular practice – at your own risk. They are not intended as lessons, nor is it expected that they can be used as such – since it is clear there is no real substitute for a good teacher.

At the moment there are 8 videos ( hosted on Youtube ) including an introductory tutorial – the rest are each about 20 mins long.

More video links


I’ve been looking around Youtube and found some more interesting videos – they are either embeded or linked from here – worth a look.