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Home A good start at Flitwick Tai Chi for health

A good start at Flitwick Tai Chi for health

Our first class at Flitwick Village Hall on Monday morning – 11.30 – went really well with an enthusiastic group who had a very pleasant time doing our relaxed exercises to loosen and strengthen our bodies, – for the first half hour. This was followed by a session of learning the first simple movements from the Laojia form – a choreographed pattern that provides a basis for regular practice and for us to learn how to move in a Tai Chi way.

That is to say relaxed movement from the centre with good connection throughout the body. In order to achieve this we initially worked on loosening and then focused on an upright posture allowing relaxed alignment of our structure.

Flitwick Village Hall is a lovely venue for Tai Chi – there is a load of space with pleasant outlook and plenty of parking. The floor is excellent and the acoustics are good – I look forward to building a very friendly class. See here for details of classes in Flitwick. 

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