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Can you play Chopsticks?

Everyone ( I suspect ) could play chopsticks with a little trainingand that is fine for most people – for example to improve balance enough to greatly reduce vulnerability to falls. The World Health Organisation researched falls prevention exercises and found that Tai Chi (and a similar commercial program) reduced vulnerability by 50%.

This may be why we now have a World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day on the last Saturday of April each year.

On the other hand to become a concert pianist takes a lot more effort.

Similarly whether performing Chopsticks or a major classical work we would expect to learn some good time before the performance – not wait until the due date. Likewise we should not wait until we need the skill of Tai Chi eg when we have a “fall”, but should learn before we can foresee the need and still have the energy to learn.

Which is why I often refer to an “Over 50s” class – if you start to learn at 50 then you will have learned enough by the time you need it – probably around 60?

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