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Loosen up!

Relaxation in Tai ChiI just got back from my morning jog – which I find is always a good time for letting subconscious thoughts rise to the surface – during the course of which I noticed yet another muscle to relax, this time in my neck. In the past I have found them all over – shoulders, base of spine, upper thighs, side of head etc, etc leading to changes in gait, posture and balance. So at the moment I think this is probably the most important part of my Tai Chi practice. It is a constant process of finding muscles to relax, leading to a much greater looseness and much less stress in life generally – plus my Tai Chi improves a lot.

So once again an example of the way that Tai Chi practice promotes a healthy life style for a healthy mind and body – if you want to use that for martial practice then that too is useful and sociable. So a complete win-win all round!

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