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One of the things that I fhave found paradoxical about Tai Chi and Martial Arts in general over the years is the balance between practice and the thinking about it – gradually I have accepted that we need to do both and I’ll just do it my way – so my mind just keeps on thinking about this stuff and related matters – after all once you get into Tai Chi it all seems related anyway. So in that vein I have put some more articles on the Shefford Tai Chi website – they are not all filled out completely – but I’m sure readers can fill in the gaps for themselves:

 Tai Chi – important behaviours – this is a recent piece about behaviours that are useful in a fight – and elsewhere – with some notes on Chi at the end

Physical awareness and non-verbal communication – an older piece that does what it says on the tin

Nobody ever said that a Zen Master had to be patient! – it seemed a point worth exploring.

Feedback and Education in Tai Chi – pretty much about feedback and education in Tai Chi – from a personal perspective – isn’t it all?

A few useful strategies – as much about life in general as about Tai Chi


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