Tai Chi in the Park cancelled

20 December 2020

Sorry but now we are in Tier 4 I must cancel group classes in the park until further notice – please watch this space and/or register for updates. Share the post “Tai Chi in the Park cancelled” FacebookTwitterShare…

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

18 December 2020

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Tai Chi in the park Dec/Jan dates

11 December 2020

I would like to keep our informal friendly groups going if we can while negotiating the bad weather – if the weather is obviously horrible then please assume the session is cancelled – if it is marginal then I will go and see who turns up – dressing for the weather is clearly important so […]

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Thoughts on the Tai Chi process

9 December 2020

Tai Chi was created from a synthesis of physical martial arts, medical understanding and philosophy. This synthesis is a complex and sophisticated conscious/subconscious process that each of us recreates within ourselves in some way as we practice. Teachers, books and videos can point the way but we must do the rest ourselves. In this way […]

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What’s the Difference Between Metaphor, Simile, and Analogy?

6 December 2020

A recurring theme in teaching Tai Chi ( at least in my classes! ) is the use of language and it’s limitations in the transmission of concepts and experiences, as an aid to learning Tai Chi across the physical, intellectual and emotional range of human expression – so I have taken the notes below from […]

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Dec 10 class in the park cancelled

3 December 2020

Sorry – I have diary issues next Thursday 10 Dec and will have to cancel Share the post “Dec 10 class in the park cancelled” FacebookTwitterShare…

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Tai Chi in the park at STMA – also class restarts

3 December 2020

Now that we are back to rule of six for outdoor groups those who wish to do so may join me for informal sessions in the usual place in the park outside the STMA – weather and other commitments permitting, subject to rule of six – last in first out. I expect to be there […]

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Speculation on origins of Tai Chi

14 November 2020

Actually this post is more a speculation on way that things accumulate organically over long periods – the way we humans pass things down the generations as cultural knowledge. Which may help in both understanding and learning Tai Chi – especially if you find it confusing and start asking questions like “why?”. It seems reasonable […]

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Classes cancelled under lockdown

2 November 2020

Sadly in light of the lockdown on Thursday I have had to cancel all classes with immediate effect at least until the end of lockdown on Dec 2nd – if I find that there is an exception for our sort of class or venue then of course I will restart. I am sorry for any […]

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New Thursday class 2.30 to 3.30 starts Nov 5th – will there be fireworks?

20 October 2020

We have had a surprising response to restarting Tai Chi classes recently, which means that now we need to have another class to keep the numbers down and maintain our 2 metre social distancing – so I have arranged to run a weekly class on Thursdays commencing on Nov 5th. This will be a one […]

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