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Some of the things I have learned in my study of Tai Chi

This is a bit of a strange post – I can’t say that anybody else will find all of this in their own Tai Chi study – but if I can then perhaps you can too.

Posture corrections

Easier movement

Falls prevention

Relaxed and loose body

Tai Chi based exercises

Simple Tai Chi form

Mindfully movement

Meditation in movement – the use of patterns and regular practice

Movement for your daily life

Enhanced lifestyle

Body and mind training

Understand and develop your movement in simple English

Learn how to age gracefully

Extend middle age mobility into old age

Feel safer, feel lighter, feel stronger, feel more confident

Learn how to pay attention and learn by observation of your own body

Feel comfortable among like-minded people and learn with them

Recover lost mobility

Management of physical conditions eg Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

Learn to manage your body before you become vulnerable.

Learn how to look after yourself

Learn how to take control of yourself

Tai Chi as an integrated part of a healthy lifestyle

Tai Chi tools of working with body and mind – you bring the spirit

Learning to balance the forces in your life:

– age, weight, personal interactions, social pressures, new technologies,

Dealing with change

Accessing Eastern world models of Buddhism and Taoism

Connecting with the latest of western science models and evidence

Understanding how western science like Newton’s laws of motion can be applied to turn a straight line into a curve and how equal and opposite action and reaction can be manipulated by yielding softly

Learn to use visualisation and metaphor in physical exercise

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