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Tai Chi and other Martial Arts come full circle

Tai Chi and alternative healthHaving for centuries borrowed from everywhere else in developing martial arts, those same ideas and practices are being fed back into the mainstream of society, for example by use of Tai Chi as a source of meditation practice, by use of partner work in developing co-operative approaches, using mindful physical practices to improve balance and mobility for falls prevention in old and vulnerable people, as a therapy for people with special conditions such as Parkinson’s, ME, Alzheimer’s etc., and many other potential avenues.

Personally I have come across many “good” people but few balanced human beings. In fact I think our society positively discourages the path of balanced humanity by seeking to drive out what are considered unacceptable but perfectly human behaviours – thus denying them rather than dealing with them – risk aversion being one such social attitude – emotional expression being another.

Read further here about the link between health and martial arts.

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