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Tai Chi for Carers

A lady contacted me recently – her aged father suffering from Alzheimers had just been admited to a residential home – she refered to research suggesting that Tai Chi is good for Alzheimers sufferers and wanted someone to teach it to her father ideally for 20 mins a day. Unfortunately I could not help her or her father – but it got me thinking that there must be many thousands if not millions of people that would benefit from simple, low level Tai Chi delivered in small doses on a daily basis – and that it would not take too much to teach very simple basics to carers and others who could then pass it on at an appropriate level matched to the caree’s needs and abilities.

So I have drafted an example sylabus and a whitepaper on the concept of Tai Chi for carers and am presently in conversation with an alternative health provider to see if we can set up a series of one and two day seminars for carers asap. In the meantime if anybody is interested please contact me.

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