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The Importance of Congruence

Considering the practice of visualisation and how we use it to envision our embodied selves in the world, it would make sense to understand that the visualisations we use work best if they correspond accurately with the physical world, and contrarilly if our physical practice is congruent with our vision.

This congruence creates confidence, as seeing our vision operate in the real world confirms our understanding.

So we can use our intellectual understanding derived from the writings, videos etc of the Tai Chi masters to create visions of what our Tai Chi could be – but we anchor these visions in the reality of where we are now – then we practice in ways which are congruent with developing along the path between them – even if we do not at present understand that path – only exploring and observing. We arrange our practice in a way that reinforces our vision and then use the feedback to modify the vision – so ensuring continuing development and developing an embodied understanding.

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