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The role of Tai Chi in healing

I am often contacted by people looking to deal with a medical issue – things like a bad back, arthritis, Parkinsons or other conditions – they may have read that Tai Chi is good for it on the internet or even been recommended by their doctor. Please be aware that in my view Tai Chi does not “cure” anything  – but it can be a very useful way of creating space and learning skills for the person to heal themselves.

We can work on good posture for example to relieve stresses in the structure and so enable the person to find a way of moving/living that is comfortable. We may be able to work on patterns of movement that require less reliance on tension for fine motor control thus reducing reliance on specific neuro-muscular controls.

As I try to explain to all my students – please learn to look after yourself – Tai Chi practice can offer the tools for you to learn about embodied movement – it is up to the individual to learn those skills.

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