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Thoughts on right and wrong

Right or wrong, correct or not correct? When we begin right at the beginning as Tai Chi first timers there is a tendency to think there is right way to do things – and to expect our teacher to know what it is. After all isn’t that the way the rest of life works?

Then we may notice that we can’t do it the same way our teacher is doing – even when we think we are doing it like the teacher we are often corrected – and notice that other students are doing it differently again but do not get corrected. We may notice that many top level teachers demonstrate differently and make different corrections, so let us instead call them adjustments. If we persist we may begin to think that we are making progress  – and you are, but possibly not in the way you think. It is difficult to let go of the idea that there is a right or correct way – while we focus on what goes where and how, it is unlikely that you have found it.

However do not be downhearted, you are simply learning about walking without understanding where you are going – but never fear you are on the right path ( there is after all only one, although with many diversions and false trails ) keep going and the path will be revealed – it is the natural path of being human in a human body and it is here that the concept of chi becomes useful.

It is probable that we each have within ourselves a model that we think is right, even if we suspect that it isn’t, but if we could just put right the faults then all would be well. That internal model is almost certainly wrong – or at least we regard it in a perspective that means it can never work properly until we change that perspective. So in private practice do not be afraid to experiment, even do things “wrong” – and observe carefully because you may find that in fact the “wrong” things are actually “right”. And of course the things you thought were right may be completely wrong.

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