Master Chen Xiaowang

We are fortunate that in addition to regular visits by Grand Master Chen Xiaowang we also now have seminars in the UK with Master Chen Ying Jun and Master Chen Bing.

Please see links for details:

Chen Ying Jun – Reading – October 2014

Chen Xiaowang – London – November 2014

Chen Bing – Chichester and Oxford – November 2014


Talk about a cornucopia of choices I hear that Grandmaster Chen Xioawang will be in London in November as follows:

Seminars with Master Chen Xiaowang in London

5 to 11 November

Contact: Patrick Wan

Calligraphy & Taiji with master Chen on 11 November

Contact: Chris Jones


Browsing through Youtube the other day I came across some interesting clips of Master Chen Xiaowang, the Chen village and Master Chen Bing – they are all on the video links pages of our website.

Letchworth Centre for Healthy LivingIt looks like a bit of a roll for Golf related Tai Chi  at the moment – I will be running classes at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living with 5 weekly sessions starting on Monday 23rd July. Contact the centre for bookings.

As for my own golf related practice – that has taken a back seat recently to some serious seminars with Master Chen Xiaowang under the CIAA umbrella organised by Karel and Eva Koskuba. Especially notable was the 2 days of Xinjia practice – during which we managed to get through slightly more than half of the form in detail with corrections and many demonstrations by Master Chen – each time I watch I see more in what he does – and each time he corrects my postures I find more connections and more movement and more fluidity.

Golf practice is not forgotten however – I had an evaluation session yesterday with Pete Blanch – a new but very experienced instructor at Mount Pleasant Golf Club, which highlighted a number of areas needing study and practice – but apparently I am not a lost cause!