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Home Chi and body mapping and muscle power

Chi and body mapping and muscle power

Tai Chi stepping at an angle

It seems to me that when we pattern our bodies through practice – directed by thought – to work according to Tai Chi principles – then we set up an internal pattern of muscle and nerve activation which feels like (and actually is) a flow of movement within our bodies that will be experienced differently for each of us.

This feeling will follow the route of the sequential nerve activation and associated muscular action – in other words the patterned habitual way of moving actually creates an internal pattern of quite substantial order on an otherwise somewhat random internal environment – and can then become a way of directing our development by monitoring the way the feeling develops with practice and the way we are able to operate in the external world e.g. with others in partner practice and in normal daily tasks. Consequently we can anticipate this feeling becoming more noticeable and more defined as we                                                                                                practice.    Read the full article HERE

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