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Enforced practice!

Well with all this working from home I find that the urge to go outside in our garden occurs a few times a day – often to sit with a coffee, but increasingly to do a Tai Chi form maybe 2 or three times a day – which means about one to one and a half hours a day of practice. We are lucky to have quite a large area of lawn but I am really only using a patch about 20 feet by 10 – which is getting very trampled – so not so much grass to cut then!

Working on my own I can go at whatever speed I like – and that is getting slower and slower – and co-incidentally lower and lower.

So my practice has taken on a sort of “do it when I feel like it” routine and I am enjoying it that way – and finding more and easier movement in some unexpected places.

Good luck with your own “enforced” practice and I hope you are all well – I look forward to seeing you when we come out the other side.

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