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It was good while it lasted! Now for the future………

Well you don’t need me to tell you that group practice in the park has been banned – a shame really since those who came on Sunday and Monday had no problem maintaining appropriate social distances.

A number of people have suggested online classes – but honestly I really don’t get it. They are great for teachers who do it for the money and need to keep their business going and I am sure that for many exercise classes they are satisfactory. For Tai Chi however and for me personally the interaction between myself and my students is vital to both enjoying the class and to its effectiveness. I would rather that we all take the opportunity in private practice to pay attention to our movement using the exercises and routines that we can remember – and especially the ones that we enjoy.

Where your memory needs a little jogging then please see my previous post for links to useful videos. Even if you don’t recognise their forms it is a valuable and enjoyable way to pass some time by watching people like Chen Xiaowang, Chen Bing or Chen Yu whatever they are doing – many of us find that with time something seeps into our understanding by just watching them and then we can study closer and gradually start to have a glimmer of understanding of what they are doing and how.

If anyone has any questions please do e-mail me or Whats App video call and I will try to help – of course I realise that many of you have already formed friendships and are in touch so I urge you to incorporate your Tai Chi into friendship interactions.

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