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Martial arts and caring for people the Tai Chi way

Tai Chi master

Tai Chi has much to teach us about life and caring for others, for example:

  1. Intention – in caring for others we seek to support them when they are about to fall, to help them get up and to heal. In conflict we become destructive and seek to unbalance the other with a view to disabling them so they are not able to harm us.
  2. Communication is vital – physical communication is vital. The physical aspects of communication are more than two times as important as the words – it is also much faster and since our bodies rarely lie it is much more honest.
  3. I both cases we seek to be strong, well balanced, resilient and sensitive – so that we can act appropriately to help others – especially our loved ones, defend them and ourselves and not be hurt too much in the process.
  4. Like Yin and Yang these aspects of life are integral, it is important to recognise which sort of relationship we are in since they can sometimes become confused. Relationships outside of our caring circle can easily polarise into disproportionately aggressive defensiveness – like “road rage”.

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