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More on Golf and Tai Chi

Fairway at Colmworth Golf ClubMy own Golf lessons are proceeding well – lots of internal awareness and structural corrections, plus course craft about reading the layout and topography etc. Really satisfying when it goes well – laugh it off when it doesn’t!

Following on from which I have arranged to run a 7 week series of “Tai Chi for Golf” classes at Colmworth + North Beds Golf Club with a free taster session @ 7.00pm on 19th June. The classes are primarilly aimed at Golfers but will also be suitable for beginners to Tai Chi who don’t play golf – as we will be focusing on the common basic principles of posture, balance, fluidity, core led movement, internal awareness and connection, integration with external equipment, mental and physical quiet, visualisation etc.

Read “Tai Chi for Golf” white paper here.

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