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Moving Mindfully – brilliant new website!

Judith Hammond - Moving MindfullyMy wonderful friend and colleague Judy Hammond has recently posted her new website movingmindfully.com with some lovely ideas and imagry. Judy and I have co-presented a number of Tai Chi / Moving Mindfully seminars in the past 2 or 3 years on subjects as diverse as falls prevention, spiralling, meditation and movement – she is an inspiration in my work and to many students as well as great fun to work with!

The ideas and exercises which we both use in our trainings share common concepts throughout and I know for example that a number of students move between classes and experience a benefit in their practice.

Moving Mindfully is an unusually eclectic, enjoyable approach to movement and alignment, including key elements of Pilates, yoga and chi qong, and always incorporating the AlexanderTechnique principles of safe conscious use of the spine and joints.”

As Judy explains she “employs a multidisciplinary approach, gentle partner work and vivid imagery ….. to move mindfully and be conscious of our alignment and breathing patterns” – I can tell by the improved posture and smiles on the faces of students that her approach certainly works.

See here for details of seminars with Judy.

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