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Planning a Falls Prevention program

I’ve done quite a bit of work recently teaching Tai Chi as a falls prevention program, with some brilliant feedback – but it has got me thinking a lot about the wider aspects of the subject and led me to produce a whitepaper on the considerations of setting up a Tai Chi based falls prevention program – the whitepaper is available on the main website along with examples of the feedback.

I suppose the main point that I noticed is that if one tries to focus on those epeople known to be at risk of falls – eg over 60 yrs old , then there is a huge variation in capabliity and it requires a greatly increased level of input. Ideally therefore I suggest that one should start one’s program earlier say at 50+ when people still have a significant capability and another 10 years to learn the skills involved in the Tai Chi approach before their risk of falls becomes critical. This would truely be a falls prevention program – although it would probably be more appropriate to call it something like “balance and mobility for the over 50s”.

Anyone looking to set up such a program can contact me to discuss.

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