You can put Tai Chi into anything!


I have noticed over the years that I have had a number of students with sporting interests – such as golf or running – who have told me of their improved sporting performance following a period of Tai Chi practice. I think the first I remember was one who said he reduced his handicap by 3 or 4 strokes – and another who altered his running gait and so relieved a leg problem. This seems to be a common Tai Chi experience – for example with Ballet dancers learning Tai Chi to improve their balance and fluidity – and is summed up in the expression ” you can put Tai Chi into anything, but you can’t put anything into Tai Chi”. 

Given a history of 400 years plus of studying the human body and it’s movement in relation to other people and the rest of the world – it is not surprising that Tai Chi already encompasses most aspects of the human experience and so forms a core resource – a repository of refined information of great value to all paths of human interest.

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