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Feedback and Education in Tai Chi and the human experience

26 July 2016

As a child in a post war western society of the 50’s feedback was a very hit and miss affair – sometimes literally – but rarely was there useful guidance. It is only in recent times that the growth and popularisation of western psychology has led to study of human behaviour in anything like scientific […]

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A good back for a long life!

29 April 2016

One of my students has a long standing lower back condition which flared up recently to the point that his doctor thought he had slipped a disc – after a couple of weeks rest he came with a few others of the group to my teacher Karel Koskuba for a 3 hour seminar. Before we […]

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Mindfulness in Tai Chi

18 December 2015

Mindfulness is receiving a lot of attention in “alternative” circles at the moment – but it is worth reflecting that it is, and has been, a vital component of spiritual meditation and of martial arts for centuries – helping us to link mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. For example we use the […]

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What Are Martial Arts Really About?

14 May 2015

The title question “What are Martial Arts Really about?” can be simply answered at the most basic level – survival – and left there. However it is my belief that many things flow from that simple statement. Things which do not go off the point and which are timeless in their relevance to men and women […]

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Be wary of definitive arguments

20 November 2014

In your practice be wary of definitive arguments – especially of the “my great expert said this and they must be right” variety leading to an argument about who is the greater expert – they are a distraction from the reality of internal experience. There is only one solution – use the scientific method – […]

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Tai Chi for a Good Back

17 October 2014

I thought I might pass on some personal thoughts on how Tai Chi fits into the mix of approaches to “bad back” syndrome arising from deterioration of posture and poor habits of body use. Tai Chi emphasises keeping a relaxed straight back leading to a vertical posture carried with poise. Tai Chi achieves this by […]

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Seminar – Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation @ The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living

4 September 2014

I am really looking forward to our next one-day seminar in October covering Tai Chi related exercises and meditation – with the added benefit of Alexander Technique. The mix of meditation and movement combines to create internal awareness and understanding of our body usage – this seminar will take time to explore how we can […]

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Take one for the Team – Invest in Loss

26 July 2014

Here’s an idea – think of yourself as a committee – and your body and your mind and your spirit as sub-committees. This structure is like a team or a shoal of fish/flock of birds – but unlike any of these you do not have the option to “drop” one of the team – they […]

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The Importance of Congruence

8 January 2013

Considering the practice of visualisation and how we use it to envision our embodied selves in the world, it would make sense to understand that the visualisations we use work best if they correspond accurately with the physical world, and contrarilly if our physical practice is congruent with our vision. This congruence creates confidence, as seeing […]

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Notes for beginners

28 February 2012

Like probably all Tai Chi instructors I have been teaching a lot of people who are completely new to Tai Chi – and I have come to recognise that often the “newness” of the experience can be quite mysterious to people – so I have put a few guidance notes on the main website in the hope that they will […]

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