Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation Seminar with Ian Deavin and Judy Hammond


Tai chi movement and meditationWe are pleased to announce a one-day seminar covering Tai Chi related exercises and meditation with the added benefit of Alexander Technique, hosted at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on 20th October 2013 from 10 – 4pm. Judy Hammond - Alexander teacher

The mix of meditation and movement combines to create internal awareness and understanding of our body usage – this seminar will take time to explore how we can develop this mind-body link. In addition to Chen Style Tai Chi Ian has a particular interest in Zen Meditation. Judy Hammond is a highly experienced Alexander teacher who has a very hands-on approach to internal meditation. The combination makes a great mix – we look forward to a very enjoyable day.

The cost will be £50. For further information or to book your place contact The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living – www.letchworthcentre.org, also see www.movingmindfully.com and www.sheffordtaichi.org.

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