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Tai Chi Festival creates interest all day

Shefford Tai Chi Festival 2022

Our festival yesterday was a lovely mix of activities with visitors arriving in groups throughout the day – there was a good level of interest in the Tai Chi exercises and our weekly classes held on Monday afternoons at 2.30 and Sunday at 6.30. I was able to spend time with each enquirer and answered many questions – I look forward to seeing some new faces at the beginners classes.

It was great that the weather was good all day and we had a lot of drop-in visitors for the Tai Chi and for our guest Naomi Brown, who attracted many people who came to visit her for Reiki or Numerology.

I was personally interested in the demonstration of Krav Magar by Paul Forster – especially as I took the part of “uke” and ended up being thrown on the floor for the first time in around 20 years – it was good to find that I was still OK with it – although I definitely don’t bounce as well as I used to!

We had an interesting demonstration of a new take on Tai Chi sword play with the emphasis on play – with light sabres! Sort of Star Wars meets Chinese sword – which looks like good fun. This is a Wu style Tai Chi Dao form but modified with LED sabres. It was demonstrated by Boz Bozier and can be found at https://silver-sabres.com/

My thanks to the students who came to help organise the banners and food – donations for food raised £20 which will be passed on to a local homeless charity.

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