Tai Chi – Golf. Golf – Tai Chi


I had my first one-to-one golf lesson yesterday and was delighted to have a number of familiar metaphors suggested to me – among them – to not focus on the ball but to consider the ball just gets in the way  ( very Zen ) as an opponent “just gets in the way of my punch”, to keep a straight back so that I turn about my central axis ( classic Tai Chi ), to create a connection with the club head through my body by relaxed opening of the joints so that I pull it through like pulling an extension of my arm ( perhaps a sword ).

Culminating in my finding that good shots follow from the “right” – “Sung” feeling in my body – funny that!

So we spent some time looking at ways of arranging my body in relation to the club/ball to achieve this feeling – with detailed corrections including hands on adjustments – just like in Tai Chi. Excellent – and really adding to my enjoyment of learning to play.

Contact James here for golf lessons at Mount Pleasant Golf Club.

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