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The differences between exercises and playing!

It was my final golf lesson yesterday – out on the course and after feeling pleased with myself with the putting, chipping and driving in previous classes naturally it was all different playing the holes for real! Just like doing push hands with another person for the first time.

Actually it is perfectly understandable – coming cold to a ball and getting everything right immediately reminds me of story about the Japanese sword tester at the peak of his skill who made an error and managed to nick a valuable blade – not trusting himself again he consulted a Zen priest who recommended he train in a particular type of Japanese flower arranging – which requires partial breaking of each stem – a process that has to be done right first time. By gradual diligent practice with less valuable flowers he regained his confidence and his skill with a sword.  

Clearly I have yet to gain any measure of skill – but the answer is the same – diligent practice to gain “golfing Kung Fu” and confidence. Worth a few more extra lessons to see if I can get past the first stage of frustration!

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