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The First Shefford Tai Chi Residential

Shefford Tai Chi group at Belsey Bridge September 2015

A group of students from the Shefford, Letchworth and Luton classes got together last weekend at the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre near Bungay in Suffolk where we managed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately one of the group who was supposed to join us was hospitalised at short notice so she was much in our thoughts while we all worked hard at Laojia and Broadsword forms, as well as various solo and partner exercises.

Shefford Tai Chi group practiceThe evenings were a time for relaxing of course and considerable humor before an early night in readiness for a 7.30 start each morning on the lawn, and even on one occasion sheltering under the trees which provided more than sufficient ground kept dry from the rain. Actually we had really lovely warm, dry weather most of the time and were able to take full advantage of the beautiful flat lawn just outside the dining hall where we retired for the excellent meals served by some delightful staff.

The weekend seemed to bring out the best in everybody – with all concerned working hard and playing hard – we have agreed to repeat the experience again next year.

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