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Video opportunity for Alternative Health Exercise teachers

video opportunity – clapper board

We are looking for more content for our Alternative Health Exercises site and would be happy to include links to suitable videos.

The site was created in response to student requests for something to remind them of the exercises they do in class but had difficulty remembering at home.
So, in an effort to help, we have put together some 15-25 minute demonstrations that students can follow along to in their own home.
If you are a teacher, or know of a teacher with a video perhaps already hosted on YouTube, then please submit your video for consideration.
At present we only cover Tai Chi inspired exercises but are looking for exercises inspired by any other recognised discipline, e.g. Yoga, Pilates etc., but the emphasis is on exercises not on routines or forms.
Appearance on the site is free and it is free to visitors. Submission is only open to copyright owners.

Please submit a link to your video(s) to Ian Deavin whose decision is final. www.alternativehealthexercises.org takes no responsibility for videos, their content or issues arising from practice of the exercises depicted in video demonstrations

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