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Shefford will have its own free Tai Chi Festival on April 29th 2017 at the centrally located Community Hall where the local classes from Shefford, Hitchin and Haynes will come together presenting demonstrations and taster classes under Chief Instructor, Ian Deavin.

The Festival is to be held on World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day and will enable visitors to try Tai Chi for free and to chat with other students while sharing tea and cakes.

Guest presentations are expected from other local related activities such as:

  • Yoga
  • Taekwondo
  • Thai Kickboxing
  • Wing Chun
  • Pilates
  • Alexander Technique

The Tai Chi schedule will cover:

  • Development Groups
  • Over 50’s Classes
  • Falls Prevention
  • Master Classes
  • Alternative Health Exercises
  • History of Tai Chi

A guest Masseur will be available to discuss and offer taster sessions.

For further information contact Ian Deavin on 01462 621970, email or visit

Ian and Judy Celebrating Spirals in Tai Chi and Alexander Technique

On 12-14 May 2017 at the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre, Suffolk we will be holding our first  Alternative Health Exercises Residential Weekend – of gentle movement and body awareness exercises in a environment of light humour and relaxation.

The weekend program will be based on our popular seminar series of exercises  developed  from Tai Chi &  Alexander Technique with  elements of dance incorporated  into two days of mindfulness exercises  and meditation ‐ developing a practical  way of being.

Widely experienced Alexander teacher  Judy Hammond and long‐term Tai Chi  instructor Ian Deavin have created this  program of physical and mental  exercises suitable for both complete  beginners seeking a retreat weekend,  or for more experienced exercisers  looking to “workshop” their mind and  body development.

Belsey Bridge Conference Centre offers  a delightful mix of space, quietness and excellent hospitality  ‐ the  package includes tuition with full board plus morning and  afternoon tea.

  • an introduction to Tai Chi and  Alexander Technique
  • Relaxing and strengthening  movement
  • Individual, partner and group  work
  • Meditation, visualisations

To book your place contact here

Tai Chi and Alternative Health Exercises

Well there are many factors and to begin, as I understand it, during aging cellular replication slows down around 50 or so, that is the number of stem cells in our body start to run down. The 115 year old woman who died a while ago was found to have only two types of stem cell left in her bloodstream – greatly down on a younger person.

Then the cells that do not replicate do not die, they enter a lower energy state of senescence where they are not so efficient or effective at converting the energy of blood sugar work. Consequently we become weaker cell by cell, muscle fibre by fibre. The same of course happens with our internal organs which consequently become likewise as capable!

Now perhaps many things including Tai Chi, exercise in general, good diet, a low stress lifestyle etc. can prolong that period of decline extending the onset of senescence some years, but ultimately, unless we die by trauma, then we all die the same way, by gradual aging.

The difference is that Tai Chi offers a way of developing skill in body usage – Tai Chi people age and die like everybody else – they have simply learned how to deal with it better than most. They learn how to manage their body and if you have not learned Tai Chi by age 50 then this is when you probably still have enough energy left to learn.

The connected movement of Tai Chi allows the whole body to act together, supporting and enhancing the weaker parts. Like a convoy protecting and supporting the slower weaker ship. We need to get the whole convoy home – the whole body – with as little damage or loss as possible.

So, like a team who organise themselves so that the strong support the weak and the quick cover for the slow, the clever for the not so clever – of which each individual will exhibit a range of attributes that need to be meshed together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and ensuring that the weakest link does not fail.

As they grow old Tai Chi people learn to do this with their bodies, minds and emotions so that by developing relaxed integrated movement, the body organs and consequently the cells of which they are comprised are less stressed and for any action the whole body is brought to bear – thus compensating for developing weakness.

Check out our classes here

Ian Deavin and Judy Hammond - Tai Chi and Alexander Technique

Covering exercises, spiralling movement, Qigong, mindfulness, meditation, Tai Chi principles and Alexander principles.

The seminar will be run by Ian Deavin and Judy Hammond and participants will be engaged in a fascinating mix of meditation and movement, creating inner body awareness and developing a practical and spiritual mind/body link of considerable strength.

Qigong is a basic training method of Tai Chi coupled with body spiralling, also found everywhere in the movement of dance and the natural world. Principles of Alexander Technique posture and relaxation aid in achieving good balance and relaxed easy movement – developed by Tai Chi practitioners into a way of creating powerful body centred action.

Venue: The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living
Rosehill Hospital, Hitchin Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 3NA
13th November 2016, 9.30am – 12.30pm
Cost: £45 per seminar for bookings up to 1 week before the seminar. £55 after

To book contact The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on 01462 678804

Please wear suitable loose clothing and flat soled trainers or similar

Tai Chi Broadsword Seminar 5th November 2016

4 October 2016
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Covering working with a sword, exercises, the Chen broadsword form Venue: Shefford Community Hall, 60 High Street, Shefford Bedfordshire, SG17 5AX 5th November 2016, 9.30am – 12.30pm Cost: £30 per seminar To book telephone 01462 621970 or email: Please wear suitable loose clothing and flat soled trainers or similar Share the post “Tai Chi Broadsword Seminar 5th […]

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Shefford Tai Chi Festival 2017

29 September 2016
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Each year on the last Saturday of April the World Health Organisation recognises World Tai Chi and Qigong Day – so for 2017 we are planning a Tai Chi festival at the newly refurbished Shefford Community Hall. Entry will be free for all with plans for demonstrations, taster classes, falls prevention discussions, etc through the […]

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Tai Chi and Alexander Technique seminar 13th November

29 September 2016
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Positive daily work – chi kung

20 September 2016
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Recent research has apparently demonstrated that creativity is enhanced by mundane activity – something the Zen meditators have long suggested. Too little activity and the mind stagnates, too much and the task overrides the creative process. So, unsurprisingly, I get many ideas while jogging – so long as I am not too focused on competing […]

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Haynes Tai Chi class

13 September 2016

It has been lovely to meet the class at Haynes over the past few weeks and of course finally to say goodbye to Andy and Denise last night – good luck to them with their new Sangha House venture in Taunton. For the moment I am looking forward to our class on Monday next week – […]

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Residential at Belsey Bridge

12 September 2016
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A small group of us with widely varying interest and background in Tai Chi had an interesting weekend at the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre near Bungay in Norfolk – the theme was around the whole idea of movement and how Chen Tai Chi forms and partner work can help us to develop this in a […]

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