Tai Chi class at the Swiss Garden

We are training again at the Swiss Garden on the Shuttleworth estate on the 4th November at 10.30 – this is a lovely environment where you get to do Tai Chi in beautiful gardens and then to stay and wander around afterwards if you wish. If the weather is too bad for outdoor exercises then we also have an indoor venue.

To book your place please contact them direct via their website.

Our Tai Chi residential at Belsey Bridge for September 2022 is now confirmed for Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th – the cost stays the same at £320 for the weekend with full board and tuition.

If you would like to come please put it in your diary and let me know of your interest so I can keep you up to date.

See here for a report on 2021 

Tai Chi class at the Swiss Garden

I am delighted to be teaching regular monthly Tai Chi classes in the lovely Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth – the latest dates were posted recently so I hope to see you there on November 4th or December 2nd – dress warmly for the outdoor experience and do not worry about bad weather as we have an indoor backup at the Garden Room.

Contact Swiss Garden bookings.

We had a good time at our annual Belsey Bridge residential which this year focused on being slow and soft and calm, with a quiet mind and quiet body. Students who were each at different stages were encouraged to practice on their own with help available just yards away.  Side trips in search of “the Belsey Bridge” and to look at the adjacent Emaus charity shop were undertaken in the spirit of attentive serendipity which is so helpful in developing Tai Chi self-understanding.

On return to Shefford we have continued classes on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. It had been my hope that a Thursday class would be more convenient for some people and allow others to practice more often at no additional cost  – since a block booking offers not only a 25% discount but also the opportunity to attend two classes a week. For the past few weeks I have ended up teaching one-to-one so I can only assume that Thursday is not a good day for people? If you have any thoughts on Thursday classes please let me know so I can consider what to do.


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Classes cancelled

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Classes are now cancelled until Thursday 12 August Share the post “Classes cancelled” FacebookTwitterShare…

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