Tai Chi again at Shefford Community Hall

We have managed to keep our Tai Chi practice going over the summer in the park at Digswell but now the weather has started to turn autumnal  it was lovely to get back to our usual venue of the Community Hall. The hall committee have spent much time on Covid security and we are grateful for their efforts which enabled us to get back to working on our flexibility, balance, posture and relaxation.

There was, of course much welcoming and greeting of old friends from a distance. Those of us who have managed to spend time on Tai Chi at home through the “lockdown” period were pleased to once again have company and the opportunity to share conversation – even my bad jokes went down well!

After a bit of digging on the government website and some discussion with the responsible people on the Community Hall committee we have agreed that Tai Chi classes in the hall come under one of the many exemptions to the rule of six.

Classes will therefore restart on Sunday 20th Sept at 6.30pm and Monday 21st Sept at 1.00pm – I look forward to seeing you there. The kitchen will not be available so please bring your own refreshment and snacks.

I would be happy to run classes with only five students but have 7 or 8 regular students who might like to come and at the moment I cannot see a practical way to regulate the class size – so reluctantly I am cancelling the class at Shefford Community Hall on Monday 14 Sept and will seek to clarify the situation for further classes – please watch this space for details.

Do come to the park on Sunday for our extended session 11.00 to 1.00 and I may have more news then.

I am delighted to have been informed we can re-start Tai Chi classes at Shefford Community Hall – regular weekly classes will re-commence after lunch on Monday 14 Sept from 1.00 to 2.30pm  and on Sunday 20 in the evening at 6.30 to 9.00pm.

Covid security will be required which includes wearing of face coverings when you enter the hall, the kitchen will not be available to us so please bring your own snacks or water/refreshments. Tables and chairs will be available on Mondays. We will go through other precautions once the class starts.

Free classes at Digswell – once the community hall classes have restarted I will not be running the open air sessions on Digswell field adjacent to the STMA – so there will be no more Thursday sessions now and the last Sunday class will be on the 13th from 11.00 to 1.00 – excellent timing really as the weather has turned against us somewhat!

Good luck and I look forward to seeing you.

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There will be no Tai Chi in the park Sept 10 and 13 Share the post “No Tai Chi in the park Sept 10 and 13” FacebookTwitterLinkedInE-mail

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