It occurs to me that the learning which takes place in a class is very different to that which we experience practicing alone – both are important but we tend to prioritise the class or one to one tutorial because we see that as a “proper learning” environment – after all if we are being taught then that means we must be learning – right?

Not necessarily – practising alone for long periods – that is the “in the wilderness” part – is vital to allow our subconscious body/mind to sort out the pieces and to develop new patterns in a kind of meditation – making sense of what we already know without the confusion of taking in new material all the time. It allows us to consolidate everything we have learned to date and understand the truth of that old saying that ” the whole is greater than the sum of  its parts”

This lockdown has enforced a period in the wilderness for all of us – and I for one have found it beneficial – so please embrace the alone time and be at ease with the wilderness.

I am hopeful that our annual September residential will still be able to go ahead – it is still three months away and a lot can yet change. Unfortunately in the rapid lock down I was unable to get all necessary contact information so would Steve and Judith please message me directly – you have paid me money so you know who you are!

01462 621970 or

Now that we are allowed to meet as groups of six people I am opening up a couple of free sessions a week at the STMA in Shefford for all existing students of Shefford and Letchworth classes.

These free sessions will be on Sunday at 11.00 am and Thursday at 9.00 am  each week – participant numbers will be self regulating according to Covid guidelines on the day. Please take care of yourselves by considering your sun exposure, need for fluids etc.

There will be no session on Thurs 11 June

I really look forward to seeing you on the park area adjacent to the STMA – there is plenty of parking by the hall.

A few thoughts for those of us doing personal practice in our gardens: –

Clear your mind and quieten your body

Relax your hips – sink slightly before you transfer weight and on the leg you transfer to

Allow your pelvis to sink under you when you move so it can stay beneath your upper body

Relax your trailing hip and leg

Relax your shoulders – allow them to move passively and softly at all times

Read good books on the subject and watch good practitioners on video.

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