According to a piece in this weeks New Scientist – research in Australia is using a harness and booby trapped obstacle course to train older people as a falls prevention measure, the piece at explains that results show a 50% reduction in vulnerability to falls. This is an important factor since the article states that “One-third of people over the age of 65 fall every year,”

The article goes on the suggest that “research is increasingly showing that exercises that challenge balance and involve lots of movement work best for preventing falls. These should ideally begin before older people have their first fall,”

This reminds me very much of the Tai Chi practice we do in our classes with balance and walking exercises and co-responds to findings by the World Health Organisation in their report which mentions the benefits of Tai Chi, Yoga and Dance in an active aging process. A theme further developed in this piece from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Tai Chi has long been recognised as an exercise for life and beneficial into later years – especially if practice is begun before age related physical deterioration leads to vulnerability – for example around the age of 50.


Shefford Tai Chi Merry Christmas

Chen Taijiquan's Integrated Curriculum by David Gaffney

A great insight into Chen Tai Chi by a very experienced martial artist with long term connections to the school at the Chen Village. This piece covers important basic stuff in easily understood terms – I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Read the article …

Taiji: basic movement patterns and body coherence

Taiji: basic movement patterns and body coherence – an excellent piece by Sam Moor – really well written and easy to read – covers so much of what I try to get across to students but better written! Read the article …

Classes and events over the Christmas period

2 November 2017

Nov 3 Nov no class at Shefford 26 Nov no class at Shefford Dec 11 Shefford lunch 13 Letchworth dinner 18 lunch at Letchworth 21 no class Letchworth 22 no class Shefford 24 no class Shefford 25 no class Letchworth and Shefford 28 no class Letchworth 29 no class Shefford 31 no class Shefford Jan […]

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World Tai Chi Day – Shefford Tai Chi Festival

30 April 2017
Thumbnail image for World Tai Chi Day – Shefford Tai Chi Festival

The last Saturday in April is designated by the World Health Organisation as World Tai Chi and Chi Kung Day – so this year we decided to have a festival of Tai Chi and related arts at the Community Hall in Shefford. And it was BRILLIANT! As a first event we set our sights high […]

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Attending a Martial Arts (Tai Chi) class for beginners – further thoughts

20 March 2017

Attending a martial arts class may well be very different to other activities you have undertaken and it should be remembered that Tai Chi is a martial art – and I believe it is extremely important that this link is maintained. This is part of their paradox which I have written about elsewhere.  So the […]

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Areas of learning in Martial Arts

19 March 2017

Every now and again ( 10 years or so) I ask myself “why am I practicing martial arts?” and usually I get a fairly simple answer – this time I am grateful to a student who prompted me to ask it once again and this time to come up with a very much more complicated […]

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Attending Tai Chi classes for beginners

7 March 2017
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Do not over exert – adapt the exercises to suit your capability. If the instructor says he/she is going to demonstrate, move to a position where you can see what you need to. Individual positions in the class may be quite loose – make sure that you can see the instructor and have room to […]

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Sadly Haynes class is no more

31 January 2017
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Just a quick update to let anyone interested know that the Monday class at Haynes has ceased as from last night (30 Jan) – with those students interested to continue their practice transferring to the Shefford classes of their choice – either Sunday evenings or Monday afternoons.   Share the post “Sadly Haynes class is […]

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