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Master Chen Yingjun

Another wonderful master from the Chen family will also visit in November – someone I have trained with whenever I could and very well worth working with is Master Chen Yingjun – son of Grandmaster Chen Xaiowang.

Chen Yingjun has visited the UK regularly for many years and has workshops at a number of venues including Oxford and Reading.

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Master Chen Bing

I hear that Master Chen Bing will visit the UK in August – I have met and trained with Chen Bing for only a couple of hours but that is enough for me to recommend anyone seriously interested in Tai Chi to attend his demonstrations/workshops.

Tai Ji Circle will host him on Sat, 24 August 2019 11:00 – 13:00 BST  see here for tickets

I understand that he may also visit other venues so it is worth looking out for information.


Chen Taijiquan's Integrated Curriculum by David Gaffney

A great insight into Chen Tai Chi by a very experienced martial artist with long term connections to the school at the Chen Village. This piece covers important basic stuff in easily understood terms – I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Read the article …

Many looking at the plethora of Tai Chi styles, forms etc. forget or may not be aware that all Tai Chi started in one place – the Chen family village at Chenjiagou in Henan Province – central China.

It was here in the early 1600s that Chen Wangting created exercises and forms which became known as Tai Chi and it was here too in the house of Chen Dehu that Yang Luchan lived while he learned Chen Style Tai Chi from Chen Chanqxing, later transposed into Yang Style and taught widely – so leading to the development of the other Tai Chi styles, including Wu, Hao and Sun styles.

I therefore seized at the chance to visit this historic place – with some romance and a sense of coming full circle from my early days of martial arts in the 1970s. The trip was organised by Patrick Wan (London) who first introduced Master Chen Xiaowang to the UK and was kind enough to extend an open invitation to accompany him to a by now annual one week international training seminar with Master Chen Xiaowang in the Chen Village Taijiquan school at Chenjiagou run by Chen Ziqiang.

See here to read more of this trip.

More to Martial Arts than just Technique

24 September 2015
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This is a piece I wrote some years ago now while still practicing Karate alongside Tai Chi – which I did for at least 10 years – and it was actually the way that Tai Chi added to my Karate and was a major contributing factor in my 4th Dan grading that ultimately convinced me to focus exclusively on […]

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Students doing advanced Chen Tai Chi classes

11 August 2015

I was delighted to hear the other day that 2 of my students are intending to learn Chen style Taiji Double-Fan form with Eva Koskuba in the Autumn – the class runs on  the weekend 7/8 November & Sunday 14 February 2016 – great fun! Also another student tells me he intends to enrol on […]

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Just get in the water and dive……

25 July 2014

I was intrigued by a story on the radio recently of a western freediver who went to learn from Japanese pearl divers – whose only advice was ” get in the water and dive” It reminded me of the only advice I got while in the Chen village ” relax and sink, practice the form” […]

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Forthcoming Chen Style Tai Chi events

17 October 2013

Very soon now we have our own seminar – Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation with Alexander Technique – at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living this Sunday – we still have a few places left and Judy Hammond and I are really looking forward to working with everybody. Please contact the Centre to book your […]

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2 Day Chen Tai Chi Seminar

27 June 2013

Once again we are holding a 2 day seminar on Chen style Tai Chi at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on Tues and Weds 27th and 28th August – this year it will cover a wide range of subjects from basic exercises through Chi Kung standing into Silk Reeling and the Chen Laojia 74 […]

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New Tai Chi video clips!

12 February 2013

Browsing through Youtube the other day I came across some interesting clips of Master Chen Xiaowang, the Chen village and Master Chen Bing – they are all on the video links pages of our website. Share the post “New Tai Chi video clips!” FacebookTwitterShare…

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