Models for Internal Development and their Application in Martial Arts


Ian Deavin performs chen style Laojia form

An early piece – written when I was transitioning from Karate to Tai Chi and so perhaps useful also to readers in a similar situation.

Over some years now it has been important to me to gain an understanding of the principles underlying body usage in martial arts – the following is a collection of models that have come from that study – some interpreted from descriptions given to me by teachers and others coming from my own observations – nonetheless they are all simply attempts to describe what I have experienced of an age old practice, in ways that can aid training. They are not new principles – simply descriptions of old ones. Consequently it should be remembered that these models are not exclusive but each can be considered to represent a different facet of the same real body operation in order to illustrate the concepts involved.

These are particularly western models in the main and are predominantly mechanical in nature – a style that the western mind seems to be more comfortable with in comparison to the Chinese models that are available.
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