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Residential at Belsey Bridge

Tai Chi group at Belsey Bridge 2016

A small group of us with widely varying interest and background in Tai Chi had an interesting weekend at the Belsey Bridge Conference Centre near Bungay in Norfolk – the theme was around the whole idea of movement and how Chen Tai Chi forms and partner work can help us to develop this in a strong resilient way whatever our level of interest or ability – we focused on the principles of relaxation, movement from the centre and connectedness. This was approached by looking both at releasing the body so that it can move according to these principles – and on how the forms provide a structure to help us study use of the principles in movement with empty hand and with weapons – in this case broadswords.

There was also a good deal of socialising and some personal contemplation in the pleasant grounds of the centre and the nearby convent.

We are now looking forward to the Alternative Health Exercises weekend in May with my friend and colleague Judy Hammond – who brings her wealth of expertise and experience of Alexander Technique – along with a considerable amount of dance and other movement understanding.

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