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Home Seminar – Celebrating Spirals

Seminar – Celebrating Spirals

celebrating spirals in Tai Chi and Alexander july 2014Judy and I are once again running the Celebrating Spirals in Tai Chi and Alexander Technique seminar at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on Sunday 13th July –  this was a really fun session last year and we look forward to meeting some old friends and some new ones again this year.

Spirals are not just fun – they are healthy and natural – our joints, muscles and vital organs benefit significantly when we move in spirals, especially when we spiral around a lengthening spine with a beautifully poised head. Our muscles are stretched and toned, especially the abdominals, and our organs are massaged and oxygenated – likewise spiral movement enables us to utilise the elastic properties of the fascia within our bodies and to develop a light and limber resilience to our body usage.

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