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Tai Chi & Alexander Technique Seminar 22nd March 2015 at The Letchworth Centre

19 February 2015

Covering exercises, spiralling movement, qigong, meditation, Tai Chi principles and Alexander principles. The seminar will be run by myself and the excellent Judy Hammond – so participants can expect to be engaged in a fascinating mix of meditation and movement, creating inner body awareness and developing a practical and spiritual mind/body link of considerable strength. Qigong is […]

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Releasing our natural selves

6 February 2015

I recently read a piece by Osho – a Buddhist teacher ( posted by an old friend of mine – thank you Chris for the reminder ) about the way that meditation is simply “a device to make you aware of your real self” and realised that in our Tai Chi we are doing exactly the […]

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Tai Chi and other Martial Arts come full circle

21 January 2015

Having for centuries borrowed from everywhere else in developing martial arts, those same ideas and practices are being fed back into the mainstream of society, for example by use of Tai Chi as a source of meditation practice, by use of partner work in developing co-operative approaches, using mindful physical practices to improve balance and […]

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Quiet Mind and Calm Body

12 January 2015

I was talking to a student last night about having a quiet mind and calm body – about reducing and observing the chatter that we become aware of in our practice or in meditation. The conversation got me thinking – a bit like this: Think of yourself like a group of linked individuals – a […]

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Moving Mindfully – brilliant new website!

6 November 2014

My wonderful friend and colleague Judy Hammond has recently posted her new website with some lovely ideas and imagry. Judy and I have co-presented a number of Tai Chi / Moving Mindfully seminars in the past 2 or 3 years on subjects as diverse as falls prevention, spiralling, meditation and movement – she is an […]

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