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Home Tai Chi at the Swiss Garden March 10th – Yay!

Tai Chi at the Swiss Garden March 10th – Yay!

Tai Chi indoors at the Swiss Garden

I do enjoy our classes at the Swiss Garden and so am looking forward to the next session on March 10th at 10.30 – we have been enjoying ourselves and doing good work over the winter with this monthly group at the Discovery Centre (nice coffee!) followed by the opportunity to stay on and wander the gardens.

As usual, classes are targeted at health and wellbeing – a feature of the Swiss Garden 2022 program. This includes falls prevention for people of all ages, and would be a convenient starting point for anyone who has not done Tai Chi before. The class covers exercises and form choreography with information on other aspects including history, body usage, regular practice etc.

Do join us – book here for your gentle, relaxed Tai Chi session.

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