Eva Koskuba

Shefford Tai Chi group at the Chinese Internal Arts Association

Our group from Shefford, Luton, Hitchin and Letchworth had a lovely trip to Swallowfield yesterday where Karel and Eva of the Chinese Internal Arts Association looked after us brilliantly with a full 3 hour seminar of exercises, questions/answers and explanations. Beginners and more experienced students alike found it informative and motivating with “much food for thought” – especially perhaps the concept of taking an hour over just one exercise! – during the course of which at least one “student back” gradually eased and returned to life from recent problems.

Double fan formIt also provided our “Double Fan Formers” with the chance for some revision – and gave the rest of us the chance to appreciate the results of their work in a demonstration at the end of the session.

So with practice out of the way the group enjoyed a picnic style lunch in the afternoon sunshine – a delightful day – thank you to Eva and Karel – also to all attendees who helped to make it “go” with their enthusiasm and hard work.

Ian Deavin pushes hands with Karel Koskuba I was delighted to hear the other day that 2 of my students are intending to learn Chen style Taiji Double-Fan form with Eva Koskuba in the Autumn – the class runs on  the weekend 7/8 November
& Sunday 14 February 2016 – great fun!

Also another student tells me he intends to enrol on the Three-year Taijiquan Instructors Course with Karel Koskuba and Eva – I did this course and found it really brought my practice on by leaps and bounds so great choice and good luck!

Details of both courses are available on the CIAA website.

Very soon now we have our own seminar – Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation with Alexander Technique – at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living this Sunday – we still have a few places left and Judy Hammond and I are really looking forward to working with everybody. Please contact the Centre to book your place.

My own teachers Karel and Eva Koskuba have the following:

Chen style Pushing Hands Patterns – Sunday 27 October 2013 with Karel – Learning and improving pushing hands patterns with the  emphasis on using correct Alignment, Rooting, Listening, Sticking Following and Neutralising. When:  10:30 to 17:30 Where: Swallowfield LF  Fee: £55 or £50 for CIAA members

Chen Taiji Double-Fan with Eva – Weekend 2/3 November and 23 November 2013 This seminar will give students an opportunity to learn the whole Chen Taiji Double-Fan form. When:  10:30 – 16:30 on 2/3 November 10:30 – 13:30 on 23 November Where: Swallowfield LF  Fee:  £120 or £100 for CIAA members

Joint Manipulation (Qinna) – Sunday 17 November 2013 with Karel • principles of joint locks • control of the opponent’s body and movement by controlling their joints • how joint locks can be countered/neutralised  When:  10:30 to 17:30 on 17 November. Where: Swallowfield LF  Cost: £55 or £50 for CIAA members.

Please see their website for contact details.

I have also noticed that Master Chen Ying Jun is in the Reading/Wokingham area in mid November – see Berkshire Tai Chi for details – and Master Chen Bing is in Oxford in mid December – see Oxford Tai Chi for details.

All are well worth attending – I am having trouble rationing myself  – such a wealth of opportunity!

Letchworth Centre for Healthy LivingIt looks like a bit of a roll for Golf related Tai Chi  at the moment – I will be running classes at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living with 5 weekly sessions starting on Monday 23rd July. Contact the centre for bookings.

As for my own golf related practice – that has taken a back seat recently to some serious seminars with Master Chen Xiaowang under the CIAA umbrella organised by Karel and Eva Koskuba. Especially notable was the 2 days of Xinjia practice – during which we managed to get through slightly more than half of the form in detail with corrections and many demonstrations by Master Chen – each time I watch I see more in what he does – and each time he corrects my postures I find more connections and more movement and more fluidity.

Golf practice is not forgotten however – I had an evaluation session yesterday with Pete Blanch – a new but very experienced instructor at Mount Pleasant Golf Club, which highlighted a number of areas needing study and practice – but apparently I am not a lost cause!