Karel Koskuba

One of my students has a long standing lower back condition which flared up recently to the point that his doctor thought he had slipped a disc – after a couple of weeks rest he came with a few others of the group to my teacher Karel Koskuba for a 3 hour seminar. Before we got started a couple of other students mentioned their own back problems – so we spent at least the first hour working on a very slow exercise for the back.

The other day I asked how his back problem was doing and this was the reply:

“The back is doing very well thank you.

The Karel visit really did the trick, and motivated me to get back to my training, because I was very nervous about putting any strain on my back.

The chat we had with Karel on standing triggered some thinking, as did the small slow movement over time.

As a result I was standing on Tuesday morning, and about 15 minutes in I noticed a small horizontal muscle group in my lower back was tense, I relaxed it, no idea how, and immediately the hips dropped forward. The back straitened, sciatica disappeared completely, and the tension in my right knee went.

I did 30 minutes standing and felt I could have carried on for another 30 minutes – totally relaxed.

What I’ve noticed now is that my chest is tense, not relaxed and not connected to the rest of me and feels like it’s limiting my breathing – something else to work on next.

– I haven’t had many breakthroughs as big as this and it was a bit of a shocker at the time 🙂 “

Shefford Tai Chi group at the Chinese Internal Arts Association

Our group from Shefford, Luton, Hitchin and Letchworth had a lovely trip to Swallowfield yesterday where Karel and Eva of the Chinese Internal Arts Association looked after us brilliantly with a full 3 hour seminar of exercises, questions/answers and explanations. Beginners and more experienced students alike found it informative and motivating with “much food for thought” – especially perhaps the concept of taking an hour over just one exercise! – during the course of which at least one “student back” gradually eased and returned to life from recent problems.

Double fan formIt also provided our “Double Fan Formers” with the chance for some revision – and gave the rest of us the chance to appreciate the results of their work in a demonstration at the end of the session.

So with practice out of the way the group enjoyed a picnic style lunch in the afternoon sunshine – a delightful day – thank you to Eva and Karel – also to all attendees who helped to make it “go” with their enthusiasm and hard work.

So: Tai Chi movement is how the human body moves when we are relaxed and move from the centre.

We could find this on our own – but mostly we benefit from the guidance of a knowledgeable “other”. My patient teacher, Karel Koskuba, shared with me that I should not seek to explain things to my students – explanations are always wrong and confusing – students must learn to copy the teacher and observe their own bodies. A bit like a guide taking you on a trip or following a satnav.

So there you have it- copy and observe.

Oh and practice – a lot – so you can observe some more and integrate the changes.

Ian Deavin pushes hands with Karel Koskuba I was delighted to hear the other day that 2 of my students are intending to learn Chen style Taiji Double-Fan form with Eva Koskuba in the Autumn – the class runs on  the weekend 7/8 November
& Sunday 14 February 2016 – great fun!

Also another student tells me he intends to enrol on the Three-year Taijiquan Instructors Course with Karel Koskuba and Eva – I did this course and found it really brought my practice on by leaps and bounds so great choice and good luck!

Details of both courses are available on the CIAA website.

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