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Seminar – Celebrating Spirals

27 June 2014

Judy and I are once again running the Celebrating Spirals in Tai Chi and Alexander Technique seminar at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living on Sunday 13th July –  this was a really fun session last year and we look forward to meeting some old friends and some new ones again this year. Spirals are […]

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Tai Chi Exercises and Meditation with Alexander Technique

21 October 2013

Judy Hammond and I had a brilliant time with 14 attendees on Sunday who all brought open minds and sparkling interest to our seminar at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living – many had Tai Chi experience already but many did not – coming from a variety of backgrounds including Yoga teaching and Alexander teaching. […]

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Tai Chi – Golf. Golf – Tai Chi

20 April 2012

I had my first one-to-one golf lesson yesterday and was delighted to have a number of familiar metaphors suggested to me – among them – to not focus on the ball but to consider the ball just gets in the way  ( very Zen ) as an opponent “just gets in the way of my punch”, to […]

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More on Golf – week 3 driving

29 March 2012

I practiced driving on my own the other day and paid attention to being relaxed – while pulling my right elbow from the centre – this seemed to work well and I managed improved grouping although still only about 7 out of 17 within comfortable reach of the marker @ 100 yds. This gave me some further […]

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Mindfulness and bad backs!

7 March 2012

There is quite a resurgance of interest at the moment about Mindfulness – something at the heart of Tai Chi – so I have put a few thoughts together in a short article – click here to download. In much the same way I keep coming across issues of bad backs – so a few simple thoughts […]

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Notes for beginners

28 February 2012

Like probably all Tai Chi instructors I have been teaching a lot of people who are completely new to Tai Chi – and I have come to recognise that often the “newness” of the experience can be quite mysterious to people – so I have put a few guidance notes on the main website in the hope that they will […]

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Community class in Letchworth

24 January 2012

I am delighted that we are now holding a daytime beginners class at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living as part of their Community Program – which also includes Group singing and Latino dance.  The Tai Chi class is on Monday mornings at 11.30 to 12.30 when we do some gentle exercises aimed at improving […]

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Planning a Falls Prevention program

21 October 2011

I’ve done quite a bit of work recently teaching Tai Chi as a falls prevention program, with some brilliant feedback – but it has got me thinking a lot about the wider aspects of the subject and led me to produce a whitepaper on the considerations of setting up a Tai Chi based falls prevention […]

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Fall reduction research

11 May 2011

I am delighted that The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living have managed to arrange a measured trial of Tai Chi classes to evaluate the effects of Tai Chi related exercises on balance and by extension on the likely risk of falls. Quality of life, longevity and cost to health career stakeholders are all major issues. […]

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New Monday afternoon classes – balance and mobility

11 May 2011

Building on my work with the Letchworth centre for Healthy Living I will be running classes in Shefford for people approaching their 60’s and for those already in their 60’s or older – these classes will cover Tai Chi exercises aimed at improving balance and mobility – simple, gentle exercise suitable for those feeling vulnerable to falls […]

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