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Tai Chi wellness at the RSPB Sandy

19 May 2016

I was recently asked to do an introductory Tai Chi session at the RSPB Sandy where they were having a staff wellness month with a variety of activities  – on what turned out to be the only rainy day of the week! – but despite this we had a delightful lunchtime session and it was great to do […]

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Chi and body mapping and muscle power

12 May 2016

It seems to me that when we pattern our bodies through practice – directed by thought – to work according to Tai Chi principles – then we set up an internal pattern of muscle and nerve activation which feels like (and actually is) a flow of movement within our bodies that will be experienced differently […]

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Models for Internal Development and their Application in Martial Arts

20 April 2016

An early piece – written when I was transitioning from Karate to Tai Chi and so perhaps useful also to readers in a similar situation. Over some years now it has been important to me to gain an understanding of the principles underlying body usage in martial arts – the following is a collection of […]

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Martial Arts – Returning to Source

25 February 2016

Many like myself started in martial arts training with Shotokan Karate instructors who, while doing their absolute best, missed something, because the early Japanese instructors couldn’t pass on subtle details. The cultural/language barrier was simply too big to breach in one go. My Chinese (Tai Chi) instructors are always talking about ‘feeling’ and much of […]

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Learn to Copy, Relax and observe your own body

24 February 2016

So: Tai Chi movement is how the human body moves when we are relaxed and move from the centre. We could find this on our own – but mostly we benefit from the guidance of a knowledgeable “other”. My patient teacher, Karel Koskuba, shared with me that I should not seek to explain things to my students […]

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Relaxation-Speed-Power-Flexibility. A physical, mental and emotional triangle

19 February 2016

Some notes on Relaxation, Speed, Power, Flexibility – a Physical, Mental and Emotional Triangle looking at what we mean by these terms and how they are linked. This piece was written many years ago but I still believe is essentially correct and hopefully a useful piece of the jigsaw. SPEED To say that speed is […]

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Tai Chi & Alexander Technique Seminar 15th November 2015

20 October 2015

Covering exercises, spiralling movement, Qigong, meditation, Tai Chi principles and Alexander principles. The seminar will be run by Ian Deavin and Judy Hammond and participants will be engaged in a fascinating mix of meditation and movement, creating inner body awareness and developing a practical and spiritual mind/body link of considerable strength. Qigong is a basic training […]

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Beginners Guide to the Development of Internal Feeling in Tai Chi

8 April 2015

The following thoughts and linked article are not definitive – just some observations on the journey. Readers may recognise some of them and hopefully will be encouraged in looking for their own internal feeling. We each bring our differences to our practice and each of us takes different things from it – so will change and […]

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The Human Body as a Tensegrity Structure – the implications

26 February 2015

The implication of considering the human body as a tensegrity structure is that we can now see how a force applied to one point of the structure is dispersed through the structure through specific elements – and with this in mind we can allow this process to happen – much as we regard the establishment […]

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Releasing our natural selves

6 February 2015

I recently read a piece by Osho – a Buddhist teacher ( posted by an old friend of mine – thank you Chris for the reminder ) about the way that meditation is simply “a device to make you aware of your real self” and realised that in our Tai Chi we are doing exactly the […]

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