Tai chi principles

Into Mountains, Over Streams – Journal of Internal Arts and Culture

8 November 2013

My thanks to the publication – “Into Mountains, Over Streams – Journal of Internal Arts and Culture” for republishing one of my articles “Body Mapping Chi, & Muscle Power” – more than my article itself the journal is well worth a look as it covers a wealth of material on healing, internal practices, meditation etc. Share the […]

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What is the difference between Chi Kung and Tai Chi?

15 January 2013

I was asked this question recently and thought it a very sensible one – given the health orientation of Chi Kung and a similar orientation of most people who come to Tai Chi classes, at least with me. So after some consideration my answer was as follows: Chi Kung ( energy work ) is about […]

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Transmission of meaning in Tai Chi – a scientific basis

15 November 2012

I have recently been reading a book which I have found very exciting – “Louder than Words – the new science of how the mind makes meaning” by Benjamin K. Bergen. It is an excellent read, putting the old ideas of visualisation which we use extensively in Tai Chi ( also other arts such as Yiquan […]

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So what is Chi and why do I need it?

20 March 2012

Chi and Body mapping and muscle power – my latest thoughts on a western interpretation of Chi and how it is of value in Tai Chi – at last seem to be coming together in a sensible form – perhaps others will find this English description of value along with the many others either translated from Chinese or based […]

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Chipping and putting

16 March 2012

My 2nd golf lesson yesterday – chipping to the green – this time using hips – just as in Tai Chi with some conscious adjustment needed to accommodate the mechanics of the club but basically pulling it through from the centre as one pulls a sword or ones arms in silk reeling – controlling power and body […]

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World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day

21 February 2012

This year we are working with The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living to promote World Tai Chi & Chi Kung Day on April 28th at Rosehill, Hitchin Road, Letchworth. SG6 3NA The program includes:  Mini taster sessions of Reiki, Cranial Osteopathy, Shiatsu Massage, Seated Massage, Reflexology, from 10:00-2:00 T’ai Chi, Chi Kung, Alexander Technique & […]

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Magic bullet Tai Chi

7 November 2011

Tai Chi is becoming very popular these days and it seems to me that there is something of the “magic bullet” about the way Tai Chi is regarded – a bit like going to the doctor – “take this course of Tai Chi and everything will be better” – indeed 16 weeks or whatever of […]

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You can put Tai Chi into anything!

25 October 2011

I have noticed over the years that I have had a number of students with sporting interests – such as golf or running – who have told me of their improved sporting performance following a period of Tai Chi practice. I think the first I remember was one who said he reduced his handicap by […]

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Tai Chi movement and Internal Power

2 March 2011

I’ve had some experiences and pause for thought recently that have lead me to believe that the important part of Tai Chi is the way of moving it promotes – a sort of segmented, sequential and centred, wavelike spiraling – which when allied to all the other Tai Chi principles leads to what is refered to as […]

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