A good back for a long life!

29 April 2016

One of my students has a long standing lower back condition which flared up recently to the point that his doctor thought he had slipped a disc – after a couple of weeks rest he came with a few others of the group to my teacher Karel Koskuba for a 3 hour seminar. Before we […]

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Tai Chi & Alexander Technique Seminar 13th March 2016

10 February 2016

Covering exercises, spiralling movement, Qigong, mindfulness, meditation, Tai Chi principles and Alexander principles. The seminar will be run by Ian Deavin and Judy Hammond and participants will be engaged in a fascinating mix of meditation and movement, creating inner body awareness and developing a practical and spiritual mind/body link of considerable strength. Qigong is a basic training […]

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Considerations on Tai Chi in the role of Falls Prevention – a whitepaper

26 November 2015

Experience has shown that Tai Chi is an effective practice for addressing the problems of falls in the elderly and others vulnerable to falls, leading to a reduction in risk in the order of 40% to 50%. However while Tai Chi practice of itself can work well it is not necessarily suited to everyone. There […]

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Take one for the team – invest in loss

24 April 2015

Here’s a teamwork idea – think of yourself as a committee – and your body and your mind and your spirit as sub-committees. This structure is like a team or a shoal of fish/flock of birds – but unlike any of these you do not have the option to “drop” one of the team – […]

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Tai Chi and other Martial Arts come full circle

21 January 2015

Having for centuries borrowed from everywhere else in developing martial arts, those same ideas and practices are being fed back into the mainstream of society, for example by use of Tai Chi as a source of meditation practice, by use of partner work in developing co-operative approaches, using mindful physical practices to improve balance and […]

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Improved physical and mental health – from Tai Chi practice

6 November 2014

My friends and colleagues at The Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living have put together an excellent review of medical reports on the statistically significant effects reported in medical studies attributed to the practice of Tai Chi. These include: “Better physical and mental health statuses, lower blood pressure, less mood disturbance, more positive mood states”, “Breast […]

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The Health/Martial Arts Link

4 November 2014

For some time I have been interested in the link between martial arts and health – particularly with regard to the practice of Tai Chi which is widely recognised as excellent for both. In particular I have been intrigued by the questions: “Why do the greatest health benefits come when the practice most closely follows […]

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Tai Chi Papers from The American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

3 July 2013

I recently came across a whole range of papers about Tai Chi for health in The American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – all positive stuff and worth a read. Subjects include : Tai Chi for Stroke Rehabilitation Tai Chi Treatment for Depression in Chinese Americans Evaluating the Safety and Potential Use of A […]

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New Tai Chi Classes in Biggleswade!

1 March 2013

Update – please note we are no longer running these classes – for up to date information on other classes please see our main classes page.   I am delighted to soon be running classes at The Courtyard Centre in Biggleswade with a Grand Opening Day on Saturday 16 March – followed by daytime and […]

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New articles and new video links

1 February 2012

I had some thoughts recently about Tai Chi in life a general sense and put some notes together – there are 3 quite short pieces which may provoke further thought : Application of Tai Chi practice to other activities, e.g. golf, swimming, football, manual work etc How Tai Chi links to Western models of medicine, […]

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